By using this service you are agreeing to the following terms.  If you do not agree to these terms then you may discontinue use by written notice at any time.

Limitations of Liability

This service is a best effort to protect the website against attacks and we cannot guarantee 100% uptime and prevention of all malware or malicious activity.  Softwired, it’s owner(s), and associates, cannot be responsible for any damages to your website or business in any way and cannot be held liable.


We reserve the right to modify the prices and services offered at any time.  Any modifications will result in advanced notification and mutual acceptance of the changes prior to the next month’s billing.


Monthly invoices are generated on the day the service is started and due immediately.  If payment is not received within 30 days of the date of the invoice the service will be stopped and the website will be unavailable until past due payments are paid and the account is current.

Prepayment for a year will give a discount as follows:

  • Basic – $500/yr
  • Pro – $1000/yr
  • Enterprise – $2000/yr

Prepayment discounts are non-refundable.

New Accounts

Onboarding an existing website to our servers requires an onboarding process of evaluating the website for compatibility.


You may upgrade at any time.  If you request a downgrade and are eligible, you may request one downgrade per 12 months.


Normal support hours are provided from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific Time.  You may call, email, or submit a support ticket to get support.  Normal response time is dependent on the level of severity for the issue.  For downed websites we will attempt to defend and repair the website within a few hours.  For lesser issues tickets are usually resolved within one or two business days.

Support generally includes maintaining existing software (plugins) built by other companies.  Since we did not create the software we can’t guarantee the software will run bug free and without errors.  In the event of issues we will troubleshoot to determine the underlying issue.  Once this has been determined we will contact the software vendor for a solution.  If support is limited we may not be able to resolve without custom programming or enhancing the website.

New development or advanced customization are not included in this support plan.

Urgent or Emergency After Hours Support

Urgent issues requiring a response within a few hours or after hours support is not included in this plan.  After hours support can be obtained by emailing  A technician will assist as soon as possible.  Response time is not guaranteed although we are generally able to respond quickly.  Urgent and after hours support will be charged hourly, currently $200/hr.

Backup Recovery

If your website is destroyed or damaged beyond repair (by a user) we can restore the website from our remote backup servers.  Due to a considerable amount of work required there is a minimum fee of $150 to perform this service.  If your website is damaged by a hacker, and you have hacker coverage, there is no additional fee.


This agreement can be terminated at any time with 48 hours written notice by either party.  Any outstanding invoices will remain due and prorated to the date of the termination date.

Moving / Transferring off the network

Moving the website off the network and/or servers is done at the owner’s expense.


Email hosting is not included.



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